Structures of South African Court System

Constitutional Court

Supreme Court of Appeal

High Courts Divisions / Labour Court / Water Court/ Tax Courts

Regional Court

Magistrates Court

Chiefs Courts / Traditional Courts

Other quasi forums created to support the disposal of justices

CCMA (Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration) Bargaining Council

Constitutional Court of South Africa:

The Constitutional Court of South Africa is the highest court in all constitutional matters in South African jurisprudence and handled only constitutional disputes and consists of eleven judges chosen to represent the country’s highest court.

Supreme of Court of Appeal of South Africa

The Supreme Court of Appeal is the highest Court in South Africa on non constitutional matters

High Courts / Superior Courts

Each province in South Africa has one High Courts and these are superior courts and are commonly referred to as Divisions and some province like the Gauteng Province and Eastern and Kwazulu Natal has more than one divisions. A single judge may sit in the high mostly with assessors and if a single judge sits if such a decision is appealed against the full bench which is three to more judges will sit to hear the appeal. High Courts Divisions / Superior courts handle criminal offences, divorces, civil cases involving large amounts of money from R 300 000 and above, and review the decisions of administrative tribunals and some lower courts. Each High Court has a judge president as its leader and rulings made by judges at the trial level can be appealed to the full bench, either called the Court of Appeal or the Appeal Division, which is the highest court within the province.