Every Client Matters

Executive summary

Ebi Okeng Attorneys Inc is a premier law firm that is owned and managed by Ebi Achigbe Okeng Ebi. The Ebi Okeng Attorneys Incorporated law firm is a law firm that pride itself for paying attention to details and keeping all promises made to its clients. At Ebi Okeng Attorneys Inc the clients is king and we listen to what matters to them.

About The Director and his career

E A O Ebi education started at his family farm in Wanudu, Ukelle in Yala LGA of Cross River State of Nigerian. Ebi attended Wanudu and Mfuma primary school before completing his secondary education at to Mfuma Comprehensive secondary school.

Later Ebi ventured into underwriting life insurance with perpetual Assurance Company Ltd for several years, later he ventured into interstate trading buying, selling and exporting cow horn from Abattoir Kaduna in partnership with the then Group Captain U Menuba. Ebi gained his entrepreneur skills that have come to be the foundation for Ebi Okeng Attorneys Inc.

The venture went on for many years and Ebi ventured into Military life at the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) but that dream was aborted just as it was beginning.
In the 20th century Ebi arrived South Africa without much plan but with the desire to become somebody and something in life. After arriving South Africa, Ebi was robbed of his valuables in Johannesburg.

Ebi holds a diploma in legal practice from Oxbridge academy, (BA) Law LLB and Ebi also has LLM in Constitutional Law from UNISA respectively. Ebi started practicing Law at Lindsay and Waters Inc. Attorneys Blouberg Western Cape. It was at Lindsay and Waters Inc. that Ebi got his first practical engagement with legal practice. At Lindsay and Waters Inc. Ebi departed in mutual agreement and joined Colin Geoffreys Inc. Attorneys. At Colin Geoffreys Inc. Attorneys Ebi was exposed to general law litigation matters. Ebi left Colin Geoffreys Inc Attorneys to begin his private practice at Unit G 4 the Square Number 50 Buitenkant Street Cape Town Western Cape.
Ebi is a published author of various articles and fictional novels. Some of his work Illusions of Grandeur and The Street Professor published by Tru Legal Media Pty Ltd is sole by Exclusive books and Van Schaik all over South Africa. And his novels on eBooks are distributed and sole by Booksmaster, Amazon, Apple iTunes all over the USA and Asian Books, Kobo, Breezy and Google Books all over the world.

Ebi is also the chairman and publisher of Tru Legal Media (Pty) Ltd an online magazine
Principal / Director of Ebi Okeng Attorneys Inc.

Our Mission

At Ebi Okeng Attorneys Inc we do not care what you are charged with as long as you are in the unique position and have the belief that you are innocent and or did not do it, we will represent you to our full capability. We prohibit decree and denounce any client discussing beforehand the intention to commit a crime with us. What we can do for our clients is represent all clients that walk through our doors indiscriminately irrespective of what they are accused of. Ebi Okeng Attorneys Inc mission is to be a law firm that do not boggled under pressure nor fear any competition but stands up for all our clients and we will serve our clients interest diligently, professionally, with integrity and due care of the reasonable attorney. All we can say to our clients is that you instruct we represent.