Every Client Matters

Executive summary

Ebi Okeng Attorneys Inc is a premier law firm established and managed by Samantha Carmen Rutgers. The law firm pride itself on paying attention to details and keeping all promises made to its clients.  At Ebi Okeng Attorneys Incorporated the attorneys are treated as kings/queens, and that guarantees that the attorney listens to what matters to clients.

About The Director 

SC Rutgers education started at her education at Holy cross Primary school in Brooklyn Western Cape.  Her Secondary Education was at Parklands College Western Cape. Thereafter, SC Rutgers enrolled and graduated at the University of the Western Cape with a B.Com degree in Law and continued to finalize her LLB, therein. SC is the principal and director of Ebi Okeng Attorneys Inc and is currently an LLM student at the University of the Western Cape.




Principal / Director of Ebi Okeng Attorneys Inc.


Our Mission

At Ebi Okeng Attorneys Inc we do not care what crime or offense that you are charged with, as long as you are in a unique position and have the belief that you are innocent and or did not do it, we will represent you to our full ability.

We prohibit, decree, and denounce any client discussing beforehand the intention to commit a crime with us. What we can do for our clients is represent all clients that walk through our doors indiscriminately irrespective of what they are accused of. Our mission is to be a law firm that does not boggle under pressure nor fears any competition, but rather stands up for all our clients and serves our client’s interests diligently, professionally, with integrity and due care of the reasonable attorney. All we can say to our clients is that you instruct we represent.

Contact Details

Address:   5 Shire Road, Table View, Cape Town, 7441 (HEAD OFFICE)

Tel:          +27 21 461 0055 / +27 74 995 8981 / +27 76 161 6733 /

Email:       sam@ebiokengattorneysinc.com / ebiattorneyssam@gamil.com / ebiattorneys@gmail.com

Website:    www.ebiokengattorneysinc.com