JAYLEE FELDMAN BA (Law) LLB, LLM, the University of  Western Cape (ongoing)

Jaylee is ambitious, committed, and eager to continuously learn, grow and embrace change while focusing on personal and professional development. She has a huge interest in Conveyancing and Property Law and wishes to be admitted as a Conveyancer in the future. Currently, Jaylee’s area of practice is Road Accident Fund (RAF), Divorce, Merger and acquisition, Hostile Takeover, Bail Application, Contract Disputes, Maintenance, Eviction, Due Diligence, Constitutional and International Human rights Litigations. Jaylee is gaining experience in various areas of law in order to become a well-rounded Lawyer. She has exceptional skills from working a part-time job throughout her university studies which have prepared and taught her many skills such as people skills, team collaboration as well as time management. Amongst these skills, Jaylee has well-developed and great communication skills with clients and colleagues. During her University days, she was a member of the Street Law society at UWC where she participated in providing aid to the local community in a pro bono manner.