SC Rutgers is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa. SC holds B. COM law and LLB from UWC. SC has experience in drafting, Road Accident Fund matters, Divorce, general Civil and Criminal litigation. She is in charge of General litigation, merger, and acquisition at Ebiokeng Attorneys Inc. She is responsible for our Western Cape operations. She is a very diligent, hard-working, and career-driven person. She described herself as a person who thrives when presented with a challenge. It is perhaps this driving force that inspired her decision to pursue a career in law and at Ebi Okeng Attorneys Inc.

SC is a critical, logical thinker with strong reasoning and analytical skills. She is proactive, great resilience, perseverance, and has high learning agility. SC enjoys researching and persevering with a challenge to arrive creatively at a solution for each unique legal problem. SC always comes out on the other side feeling proud and looking forward to the next challenge. SC is energetic and enthusiastic and keeps up with the fast pace of being a legal professional. She is solution orientated, and has the requisite confidence to deal with professionals at a level that reflects competence, promotes mutual respect, and inspires confidence from clients. SC is personable, yet not easily intimidated. Her combination of conscientiousness and good interpersonal skills will be a reason why she will contribute immensely to our client’s satisfaction and that of Ebi Okeng Attorneys Inc. She will no doubt become a successful Legal Professional to the advantage of Ebi Okeng Attorneys and the law fraternity in general.